Theft of tools from works vehicles



There have been a number of thefts from vehicles since 1 November with a cluster of offences between 1-3 November which are thought to be linked, Ford Transit vans in particular are being targeted.

CF:0446941115 Cambridge Rd, Barton – attempted theft of tools from a Ford Transit van, at approx. 21.15 hrs. CCTV footage shows three males wearing balaclavas gaining entry to the van, nothing was stolen as the owner had removed tools and equipment, due to previous thefts.

CF:0447041115 Cambridge Rd, Great Shelford – theft of tools and equipment from a Ford Transit van between 01/11/15- 02/11/2015. Stihl branded items were stolen: two hedge trimmers, two leaf blowers, a long reach petrol strimmer, and two chainsaws. There have also been shed burglaries in this location recently with lawnmowers, and cycles being targeted.

CF:0447261115 Burnt Close, Grantchester – theft of tools from a Ford Transit van between 30/10/15 – 02/11/15 the offence is likely to have taken place 21:00 hrs 01/11/15 as the victim heard noises close to the vehicle at this time. Stihl items were stolen including a Hedge trimmer. The vehicle was insecure at the time of the offence.

CF:0447301115 Cambridge Rd, Wimpole – theft of tools from a Transit van, with no sign of forced entry, between 30/11/15 – 02/11/15. Milwaukee branded items were stolen including two drills, a jigsaw, and a building site radio.

CF:0448371115 Pettitts Lane, Dry Drayton – theft of tools equipment from a Ford transit van between 18:00 – 22:30 hrs 02/11/15, full details of stolen items are not known at this stage. Side door was forced to gain entry.

CF:0448591115 The Spinney, Bar Hill – theft of tools from a Ford Transit van overnight 02/11/15 – 03/11/15 Bosch branded items were stolen, including two electric battery drills, a grinder, and fein tool saw. The side door was forced to gain entry.

Ford Transit vans are being targeted across the country due to master keys being widely available online, plus other devices such as key fob jammers so that criminals do not need to physically break-in to a vehicle.

Please look at your vehicle to see if you can improve security. Do not leave anything on display including Sat Navs, bags or coats. If you have tools in your van and do not have the facility to remove these on an evening, think about having additional key-operated locks fitted to rear and side doors. Consider fitting a secure lockable cage or strong box within the vehicle, if you don’t want to remove everything each time you leave. As well as the factory fitted alarms, look at an additional alarm system that can go in the rear of vehicle where you store your tools ideally movement/ motion sensitive. If you have a driveway, look at installing a driveway alarm (from £35 upwards). This allows you to be alerted should anyone cross the beam when coming on to your drive. The beam is linked to a transponder which you put in your house and alerts you to an activation by a chime/alarm. Finally register and mark your tools with a property marking kit. Examples of these are you can register anything with a serial number for Free onto this national police database for property. Physical marking for tools look at products such as Cremark – (£15) – Smartwater kits (£10 from the Police) or Selectamark

Alternatively use a paint pen to mark items with your postcode and house number or business name on your equipment.

If you see anybody acting suspiciously and believe a crime is taking place please call 999. If you encounter anyone trying to sell you cheap power tools, generators or gardening equipment, please call 999. For non-emergencies call 101.

You can call crimestoppers anonymously if you have any information regarding any crime on: 0800 555 111

Kind regards

Rachel Carr

Crime Reduction Officer