Training Blues: Diary of a Rookie Police Officer. Pt II

In a new feature, two of our new recruits will be publishing a weekly blog about their experiences in police training school.  Follow their progress and find out what it’s like to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary in 2015…

Jess –

This week was our first full week of being police officers! My week kicked off with the fitness test. This consisted of a bleep test, as well as pushing and pulling a certain amount of kilograms. Once the testing was done, we were given some personal training tips and circuit to complete in our teams – which was all done to some seventies and eighties classics! We also had our gym induction, which meant that we are able to use all the gyms in the police stations. After a full morning of fitness, we then went back to our lessons.

Tuesday was a tough day after all our hard work on our fitness on Monday. We began with learning the definitions of theft, and putting this into practice with some scenarios. We also got to present our presentations that we had been preparing last week – these were all on cases that have effected how the police deal with certain cases, such as Baby P.

Wednesday brought some more law, learning about criminal damage, and again, putting it into practice with some scenarios. We also had a talk from the Professional Standards Department about how we should behave, and how also to protect ourselves on social media.

On Thursday we learnt how to conduct an arrest! This was interesting stuff, as we were practicing on one another, as well as learning our powers and what we can use as an alternative to arrest.

Friday was revision of what we had learnt that week, as well as doing some group work on arresting and some online learning. After the day’s work finished we ended the week with a group trip to the pub to unwind. Bring on Monday’s role plays!

training blues 2

Classmates relaxing at the end of the week


This second week is when the hard work and learning really starts, with lessons on the main offences we will be dealing with. Monday began with preparation for our presentations later in the week and doing online training! The afternoon was in the classroom learning about the police caution.

Tuesday began with us presenting to the class regarding a specific significant public enquiry we had been reading up on. For our group it was the Macpherson report, which relates to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. An important part of this is reading into what went wrong and the recommendations that came out of this enquiry which shook up modern policing.

Wednesday morning was taken up with being taught the law surrounding Criminal Damage, including Arson. The afternoon was spent in the conference room with a presentation from Police Mutual followed by the Professional Standards Department anti-corruption unit who talked in great detail about the important role they play within the police service.

Thursday was a full day of arrest training, outlining the powers we have to arrest but also understanding the implications of an arrest and ensuring every arrest we make is necessary, legal, proportionate and accountable. Very long day- my head hurts!

Friday introduced us to the 301 form, a form for which an officer would record a crime that has occurred. It is a relatively straightforward form to complete, however it is important that every ounce of detail is put into it correctly! The afternoon was finished off by another presentation to the class, this time regarding PACE Code C. (Serious bedtime reading!). After we had finished for the week several of us went to the local pub for a wind down. Stay tuned!