Drugs family convicted then evicted

The Impact Team covering South Cambs area are a proactive unit tasked with catching criminals and disrupting criminal activity in our area. They operate largely in plain civilian clothing using unmarked police vehicles to get close to criminal activity before pouncing upon it. The Impact Team also actively target known areas of crime and known offenders to prevent offences from taking place.

On 19/10/2014 members of the Impact Team were working in Willingham when they attempted to stop a male seen leaving an address in Haden Way. When they lit up the covert blue lights on their unmarked car the male fled but he wasn’t fast enough to escape them and he was found to be in possession of cannabis and arrested.

Following the arrest officers attended the house he had just left on Haden Way where they were able to clearly see through the window a large group of people in the process of taking drugs. Oops, should have closed the curtains!

Impact Team officers made entry to the house and detained the nine occupants whilst they and the building were thoroughly searched.

The house, which belongs to South Cambs District Council, was let to the tenancy holder Rachel Lomas (47) who lived there with her sons, including Steven Lomas (25). They were arrested at the scene.

There was a large amount of drug paraphernalia distributed throughout the house and officers located cannabis being stored in a kitchen drawer divided up ready to sell. Helpfully, Steven Lomas had left us a note to his brother reminding him to feed the cat and giving him instructions on how much cannabis to sell. The note was seized along with the drugs as evidence.

Mother and son were released on bail whilst forensic and electronic examination of some of the evidence was completed.

A little under two months later on 12/12/2014 whilst the family were still on bail, the Impact Team returned to the house on Haden Way to execute a search warrant issued by Cambridge Magistrates’ Court under Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act. Having still not learned to close the curtains, a new cannabis plant was being stored in the front window of the house, clearly visible to anyone standing outside! The plant was seized as well as more cannabis that was found under Rachel Lomas’ bed.

South Cambs District Council evicted Rachel Lomas and her family from their property for breach of tenancy on 11/03/2015.

On 20/05/2015 at Cambridge Crown Court the following sentences were given:

Steven Lomas:

Possession of a class B controlled drug (cannabis) with the intent to supply

  • 6 month imprisonment, suspended for 12 months
  • 200 hours unpaid work
  • Victim surcharge of £85
  • Forfeiture and destruction of all drugs

Rachel Lomas:

Possession of a class B controlled drug (cannabis) with the intent to supply

  • 12 month Community Order
  • Activity requirement for 12 days
  • Victim surcharge of £60
  • Forfeiture and destruction of all drugs

The male who initially ran from police received a £90 penalty for possession of a class B controlled substance.

Three other males found at the address also received a £90 penalty each.

Another male also received a police caution for the production of a class B controlled substance.