Steven Cuff convicted…again

You may remember this post for late last year where we conducted a search warrant at Eclipse Stud on Cow Fen Drove, Swavesey.  The part owner Steven Cuff (52) of Osborn Close, Willingham was later convicted of possession of the cannabis that we found on his land:

Well, Mr.Cuff has been back to court again on Tuesday 3rd March for committing Assault and Battery on 18/10/2014.

On this occasion Cuff had been cycling in Swavesey in dark clothing and with no lights fitted to his bike. After narrowly avoiding an accident with a car that could barely see him, Cuff and the car’s driver entered into an argument over Cuff having no lights on his cycle.

As the dispute became more heated Steven Cuff picked his cycle off the ground and used it to push the victim against the side of Swavesey church where he has continued to repeatedly ram the bike into the victim causing a number of injuries to the victim’s head, hand and torso.

Steven Cuff pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced at Cambridge Magistrates Court to a 12 month community order and ordered to pay £200 compensation and a further £105 court costs.