Injunction success

We received a number of complaints of anti-social and drunken behaviour from a group of vagrants in Histon and Impington and particularly in the areas of Hereward Close and Homefield Park.

This morning PS Rabel and PC Tanner from South Cambs Police and Claire Whiteman from South Cambs District Council attended Cambridge County Court and obtained four injunctions against the perpetrators.

The following individuals are prohibited from entering the parishes of Histon and Impington for a duration of 12 months.

Patrick MCLOUGHLIN 29/10/1960

Brian JACKS 20/03/1967

Andrew LUPSON 16/01/1965

Stephen MORGAN 18/12/1963

These injunctions include a power for police to arrest if breached and we urge members of the public to call police to report breaches.

We hope that these injunctions will make Histon and Impington a more pleasant place to live.

PC1365 Gareth Tanner