Burglaries – How to protect your tech.

As you may be aware South Cambs are currently seeing an increase in burglaries. I am investigating some of these burglaries and have noticed that Apple items are some of the most common items to be stolen as thieves are aware of their value.

Some easy steps you can take to make it easier for us to investigate these burglaries is to use a built in application called “Track my iPhone/iPad” which means that should your device be stolen it is possible for you or the Police to login to the system using any computer and potentially track it.



To do this you need to go to Settings  iCloud – find my iPad/iPhone and enable it. It will ask you to set up an iCloud account. Make sure that only you know your password. The only way for the tracker to be accessed is with this password. Please also make sure that you have a keypad PIN code which will mean that any thief would not be able to access your device without your PIN.

If you have an Android phone there are also many Apps that can be downloaded with the same functionality.

PC Ed Allison