Alert – Card skimming from ATM’s

Police in South Cambs are warning residents using cash points to be vigilant following an incident an ATM in Milton.  Customers became suspicious after a machine made some odd noises, and they were unable to withdraw cash.

The remains of an ATM skimming device were seized 24/07/2013 from Tesco Milton.

Witnesses saw a male and female using a silver Skoda Octavia shortly after the incident who attempted to retrieve the device, but failed as security staff were present by this time.card_skimmer 2

The skimmer is designed to scan a person’s card details and film the person entering their PIN, so criminals can then remove the skimmer, download customers’ details and make cloned cards.  There have been similar incidents reported in Nottingham (May 2013), and also Chester (June 2013)

Other methods include dropping a banknote on the floor by the person using the cash point, the idea is to distract you so they can steal your card/ wallet or get the card details.

keypad 1The general advice is if you are not happy with the ATM and feel it may have been tampered with, then go inside the store or building and ask staff to contact the Police.

Crime reduction officer Rachel Carr said “We would prefer to come and investigate, than to miss the opportunity and someone is defrauded as a result. ”  Look out for anything that seems out of place, if there are scratches, or if the card holder is loose.  Devices are placed on machines for a short time, and if you move, or tap it, it’s likely to come off.

This type of activity used to be seen in larger cities but now there is increased CCTV and greater awareness; individuals are targeting more remote locations where they are less likely to draw attention.

“We advise anyone who thinks they may have been affected by card skimming to check bank statements for any unusual activity. 

This particular skimming device was only at the cash point for a short time.  The crime is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information in connection with the crime should call Police on non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.