Police are aware of unauthorised encampm

Police are aware of unauthorised encampments in the Papworth Everard/Yelling area. County Council are aware and dealing…


Unauthorised Traveller Encampments Updat

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments Update: We continue to monitor this situation and are working with the local authority to deal with all reports of unlawful encampments that have taken place within South Cambs over the last week. We would ask you to report any issues that you are experiencing via 101 but would also ask that you be aware that reports on social media can be greatly exaggerated or misrepresent events that have occured.

We appreciate the concern that unauthorised encampments cause in village communities and we will respond appropriately and proportionately. We must be mindful of the rights and needs of *all* parties concerned and our response must be in line with the law and policies agreed with local authorities. Where we have had concerns raised from villages we will ensure that local officers are aware and are carrying out regular patrols.

Chief Inspector James Sutherland- Area Commander, South Cambs

Op Hunter Crime Prevention event – Fulbourn

Protect your home and reduce opportunist crime. Join us at a crime prevention evening on:

Wednesday 23 August

The Fulbourn Centre

Home End, Fulbourn, CB21 5BS

5:00 – 8:00p.m.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are holding a crime prevention event at The Fulbourn Centre to highlight security improvements that residents can put in place to improve their existing home security.

Officers and police staff will be on hand to provide advice and information.

There will be a crime prevention talk at 6p.m.

Security products will be available for sale at a discounted rate, plus there will be advice regarding property registration and coding.

Come along to find out more, and meet your local team.

Appeal for information relating to Arson damage at Sawston Water Treatment Site

Water Treatment Site - Sawston

The Police and Anglian Water are appealing for any information regarding severe damage that has been caused to the Anglian Water Treatment Site at Cambridge Road, Sawston,Cambridge.

The first crime was reported on the morning of the 7th June.   A number of windows had been smashed at the location, damage was caused to filters contaminating the water and the locks to electrical appliances had been broken.  It was likely this damage was done in the evening.  Crime Reference CF0316420617

The second crime CF0388060717 was reported around 1900 hours on the 8th July whereby offenders got on to the secure site, entered a building and set fire to items within the building.   Severe damage was caused to the building, which will now have to be taken down to one storey.  The second storey is beyond repair.   The building is now extremely dangerous and has been secured with fencing around it.  Someone who saw the fire reported seeing 6 youths around 12 to 13 years of age, located just off Cambridge Road, laughing and pointing at the fire, the youths then ran off.

A spokesperson from Anglian Water, Regan Harris, stated  “We expect the damage to be in excess of £30,000.00.  Our water recycling centres are where your water goes when you flush the loo or do the washing up. Our used water is filtered, disinfected and cleaned before it is returned to our rivers and streams.  Because of the work they do, they contain lots of machinery, industrial equipment and deep tanks where the water is stored, this means they are dangerous places for people to be without proper supervision and safety equipment.  We are keen for people with any information to come forward so that the Police can progress this crime”.

Given the serious nature of the fire and extensive damage caused to the building we are keen for people to come forward with any information they may have.  If it is children/youths  that are involved then we urge parents to speak to their children to highlight the damage and injury that can be caused, not only by lighting fires but also the danger of getting on to water treatment sites and  the possibility of falling in to deep water.

If anyone can help with our enquiries please email Leanne.fisher@cambs.pnn.police.uk  or telephone 101 quoting the crime reference number CF0388060717.  

PCSO 7239 Leanne Fisher – Sawston Police Station.




Theft of industrial jet wash bowser

Theft of Jet Wash Bowser – CF0416190717

Sometime between 17:45 hrs on Wednesday 12/07/17 and 06:15 hrs on Thursday 13/07/17

Person(s) unknown removed a lock from double gates which led to a construction site. Intruders cut the lock off a chain which was being used to secure the Jet Wash Bowser and stole it from the site. The serial No. is an example picture not the serial No. for the stolen jet washer. Correct Serial No SEWSA20PFBS20096 Value: £2,950


Car key burglaries

Please be alert to suspicious activity at homes or addresses with high powered vehicles such as BMW’s, Audi’s, Volkswagon’s, and Mercedes. Burglaries are being committed to obtain vehicle keys as improved security means that these vehicles are more difficult to steal without a key.
In South Cambridgeshire, there have been offences in Horningsea overnight 06/06/2017 – 07/06/2017 where two vehicles were stolen and later recovered in Teversham due to trackers being fitted to the cars, and Caxton 28/06/2017 where a BMW was stolen and later used to commit offences in London. There was also an attempted theft of two high powered vehicles in Bourn 30/06/2017 the homeowner disturbed two males at the address who fled the scene.
We are encouraging residents to remain vigilant during the day, lookout for any unusual people or vehicles paying attention to the driveway of a house where a desirable car is parked, even if it is not there at the time, similarly late at night, if you are coming or going be on the lookout for unusual activity.
Owners of high value, desirable cars are advised to take extra precautions:-
• Never leave vehicle or other keys in open view of your letterbox or ground floor window where a potential offender could easily access them by fishing them out with a device, consider installing a cage or security device to keep the letterbox secure.
• Always lock windows and doors.
• Fit a steering wheel lock / or aftermarket security device
• Aggravated burglary is rare in Cambridgeshire, but if the thief is persistent enough to break in, it’s best they take the keys and leave. The safety and protection of people should always come first.
• If you have a secure garage you can park your car in overnight, do use it.
• Set burglar alarms and any other security devices you have installed, consider a driveway alarm to give you early warning of someone approaching on your drive.
• Consider fitting a tracking device, if your car is stolen there is a greater chance of it being traced.
• Be alert to who is around and where your keys are
Report suspicious activity or interest in these types of vehicles to police on 101, or 999 in an emergency. Without putting yourself at risk, try to obtain a description of anyone you saw, and registration numbers of vehicles this can be passed on to police to aid investigation.
Criminal activity can also be reported to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Op Hunter – Crime Prevention event

Protect your home and reduce opportunist crime.  Join us at a crime prevention evening on:

Wednesday 12 July

Willingham Baptist Church

George Street, Willingham, CB24 5LJ

5:00 – 8:00p.m.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are holding a crime prevention event at Willingham Baptist Church to highlight security improvements that residents can make to improve their existing home security.

Officers and police staff will be on hand to provide advice and information.  There will be a crime prevention talk at 6p.m.

Security products will be available for sale at a discounted rate, plus there will be advice regarding property registration and coding.

Come along to find out more.

Paint it Pink campaign

Due to an increase in the theft of batteries The Rural Crime Action Team and Countryside Watch are encouraging farmers and rural businesses to try and reduce the risk of battery theft by Painting them PINK with their post code and company name. RCAT have started visiting scrap yards, not only in this county, but in neighbouring counties telling them that if they accept a pink battery they must have specific proof of ownership.     


Reduce the risk of your batteries being stolen – paint them PINK.

Mark them with your post code and or company name, then spray each side.



RCAT will be informing Scrap Metal yards and Recycling Centres that anyone weighing in batteries painted PINK must have specific proof of ownership. Support the campaign by painting your batteries pink, and do not accept batteries you suspect may be stolen.





Home security event – Haslingfield

There will be a home security event held at Haslingfield tonight at:

Haslingfield Village Hall, New Rd, Haslingfield, CB23 1JP


Please come along for useful advice and information regarding home security measures.

There will also be discounted security products available to buy.

A security talk is scheduled for 6p.m. to provide further information.

We look forward to seeing you there.