South Cambs Police bring stand-off to a peaceful end

It is likely that residents of the Meadows area of Impington would have seen a large concentration of police officers on and around Ellison Close yesterday afternoon and evening.

Officers from the impact team had attended an address in the area to arrest a suspect on behalf of another police force on suspicion of committing burglary. On arrival the suspect was threatening to harm himself and others.

More officers were deployed to the area and a cordon was put in place at the entrances to the street for the safety of members of the public. Armed officers contained the suspect within his house whilst negotiators talked him into surrendering.

The cordon which was in place for several hours may have caused some inconvenience to local residents but was necessary for everyone’s safety. Our negotiations were eventually successful and a man was arrested close to 6pm and taken peacefully to Parkside police station.

The local Sergeant Mark Rabel said:

“We regret any inconvenience caused for local residents and thank our community for their support.”

Sergeant Steven Phillips who was at the scene said:

“In such situations our first priority will always be to keep people safe. I’m pleased that we were able to resolve the situation peacefully and no one came to any harm”.