Wheelie Green Day – Nothstowe

We are supporting Travel 4 Cambridgeshire’s event taking place this Saturday.  We will be offering information on cycle security, registration and coding as part of the Green Transport event.

Date:         Saturday 1st June 2019

Time:         1100 – 1400 hrs

Where:      The Pathfinder C of E Primary School Car Park

Address:    The Pathfinder C of E Primary School, Pathfinder Way, Northstowe, Cambridgeshire, CB24 3DS

Travel 4 Cambridgshire are encouraging residents to opt for sustainable modes of travel (information will be available on walking, cycling, bus, train, car club, and other greener modes)

The main aim of the day is to highlight how you can change your behaviour to sustainable modes of travel. There will be a wide range of exhibitors on the day who will be showcasing their products and services.

  • Wide range of cycle suppliers (new and second hand bikes) from standard bikes, e bikes to cargo bikes
  • Cycle training sessions
  • Stagecoach services
  • Greater Anglia’s services
  • Enterprise car club
  • Decathlon’s offer to residents
  • Local neighbourhood policing team providing advice on bike security, and registration/ coding.
  • Pedal powered juke box and smoothie bikes
  • Free giveaways, win prizes such as Decathlon Gift Cards
  • Plus much more


Warning regarding doorstep selling and distraction burglary

Following recent reports of distraction burglary in Barrington and Newton please find some advice and information on checking callers at your home.

There have also been recent incidents reported of doorstep selling in Melbourn, Barrington, and Girton targeting retirement and sheltered housing areas. In addition police have been made aware of persons door-knocking in Willingham village asking residents if they had any gold for sale again retirement housing and areas occupied by older people were targeted.

Doorstep caller and rogue trading advice

Following some complaints regarding door-step selling and rogue traders from the local community, Police and Trading Standards are highlighting the tactics that some traders may employ, and useful tips to protect householders from rogue traders or other uninvited persons calling at their home.

Selling door to door is not generally illegal but when customers fall prey to high-pressure selling tactics or doorstep callers problems can occur. Recent incidents serve as an excellent way of reminding people of how best to deal with traders who come to the door.

Distraction burglaries are a particularly nasty crime targeting the most vulnerable people in society.

Trading Standards suggests the following ‘Top Tips’ when a doorstep trader or other uninvited person comes to your home:

Contact Trading Standards: Tel: 0345 4040506

  • Don’t believe all callers are genuine.
  • Don’t believe the ‘scare stories’ a salesman may tell you – they are rarely true.
  • Don’t believe genuine tarmac companies have loads over – they don’t!
  • Don’t sign anything or pay for anything until you are sure about it.
  • Don’t believe special deals, ‘today only’ – it’s high pressure selling.
  • Don’t allow strangers to have access to your property – “I need to check your taps/ water pipe” is a common trick that can lead to a distraction burglary.

Recent incidents have included people selling household items door to door, using hard luck stories or intimidation to get a sale. Often the items are overpriced and could be easily obtained elsewhere.

Victims of distraction burglaries should contact the Police immediately.

If someone you are not expecting calls at your home:

Not Sure Don’t Open the Door

Keep your door shut and locked until you have checked the caller is genuine.

Do check the identity of the caller by asking to see an ID card.

Do challenge anyone looking over your property – did you give permission?

Consider if you really need the work done. Think before you decide. Shop around for the best deal.

Do ask the caller to leave you with information to study at your leisure.

Do remember you should be given a right to cancel a contract after cold calling.


If you need reliable a trader, use the Buy With Confidence scheme

www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk or Tel: 08454 040506 this is an approved Trader Scheme, set up by Trading Standards and supported by the Office of Fair Trading. These traders operate legally and provide a good customer service.

Always remember

  • You do not have to open the door if you are at all uneasy.
  • Ring 999 if you feel threatened or are harassed by someone.
  • Lock all windows and doors (Don’t let criminals think they can just walk in)
  • Try not to leave handbags or wallets on show (keep them in safe place out of sight). Large amounts of cash should be placed in a bank or post office for safe keeping.
  • Use timer switches and low energy bulbs when you go out in the evenings to give the impression that you are at home.

Please look out for vulnerable residents in your community, and report any suspicious activity.

Crime Prevention Event – Whaddon

Protect your home and reduce opportunist crime.

Join us at a crime prevention evening on:

Wednesday 8 May

Whaddon Village Hall

Church Street, Whaddon, SG8 5FQ

5:30 – 7:00p.m.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are holding a crime prevention event at Whaddon Village Hall to highlight security improvements that residents can put in place to reduce their risk of crime.

Find out more about how to avoid common scams and fraud.

Get information about Neighbourhood Watch and useful community services in your area.

Officers and police staff will be on hand to provide advice and information.

Security products will be available for sale at a discounted rate, plus there will be advice regarding property registration and coding.

Come along to find out more, and meet your local team.