Unauthorised Traveller Encampments Updat

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments Update: We continue to monitor this situation and are working with the local authority to deal with all reports of unlawful encampments that have taken place within South Cambs over the last week. We would ask you to report any issues that you are experiencing via 101 but would also ask that you be aware that reports on social media can be greatly exaggerated or misrepresent events that have occured.

We appreciate the concern that unauthorised encampments cause in village communities and we will respond appropriately and proportionately. We must be mindful of the rights and needs of *all* parties concerned and our response must be in line with the law and policies agreed with local authorities. Where we have had concerns raised from villages we will ensure that local officers are aware and are carrying out regular patrols.

Chief Inspector James Sutherland- Area Commander, South Cambs