Appeal for information relating to Arson damage at Sawston Water Treatment Site

Water Treatment Site - Sawston

The Police and Anglian Water are appealing for any information regarding severe damage that has been caused to the Anglian Water Treatment Site at Cambridge Road, Sawston,Cambridge.

The first crime was reported on the morning of the 7th June.   A number of windows had been smashed at the location, damage was caused to filters contaminating the water and the locks to electrical appliances had been broken.  It was likely this damage was done in the evening.  Crime Reference CF0316420617

The second crime CF0388060717 was reported around 1900 hours on the 8th July whereby offenders got on to the secure site, entered a building and set fire to items within the building.   Severe damage was caused to the building, which will now have to be taken down to one storey.  The second storey is beyond repair.   The building is now extremely dangerous and has been secured with fencing around it.  Someone who saw the fire reported seeing 6 youths around 12 to 13 years of age, located just off Cambridge Road, laughing and pointing at the fire, the youths then ran off.

A spokesperson from Anglian Water, Regan Harris, stated  “We expect the damage to be in excess of £30,000.00.  Our water recycling centres are where your water goes when you flush the loo or do the washing up. Our used water is filtered, disinfected and cleaned before it is returned to our rivers and streams.  Because of the work they do, they contain lots of machinery, industrial equipment and deep tanks where the water is stored, this means they are dangerous places for people to be without proper supervision and safety equipment.  We are keen for people with any information to come forward so that the Police can progress this crime”.

Given the serious nature of the fire and extensive damage caused to the building we are keen for people to come forward with any information they may have.  If it is children/youths  that are involved then we urge parents to speak to their children to highlight the damage and injury that can be caused, not only by lighting fires but also the danger of getting on to water treatment sites and  the possibility of falling in to deep water.

If anyone can help with our enquiries please email  or telephone 101 quoting the crime reference number CF0388060717.  

PCSO 7239 Leanne Fisher – Sawston Police Station.