Business burglary warning


Following a series of business burglaries where cash has been the main target we are urging managers to review their existing security measures. The majority of these offences took place in January and are thought to be linked. Premises such as convenience stores, and leisure facilities have been burgled, however any business holding large amounts of cash, could be vulnerable.

Areas targeted include: Swavesey, Willingham, Histon, Papworth Everard, and Bourn. South Cambs. Detectives have recently arrested a male in connection with these crimes.

To improve security consider the following measures:

CCTV internal and external

Bollards to prevent ramming

Dye-packs, or tracking devices within safes.

Look at your banking procedures:

Are they frequent enough?

Are large amounts of cash stored overnight?

How secure is the area where the cash/safe is kept?

Consider re-visiting staff procedures on operating the alarm systems and personal safety.

For more detailed advice please contact Business Watch Officer Leanne Fisher or Crime Reduction Officer Rachel Carr who will be more than happy to visit your premises and carry out a free security survey.

Alternatively more advice on business security can be found on the attached Business Security Survey link: online-comm-burg-security-survey-factoryeditable

also see: http://www.securedby