Prolific Bike Thief Caught & Jailed Good

Prolific Bike Thief Caught & Jailed

Good news!Antony Kelly, of Balsham, Cambridgeshire was charged with theft of pedal cycle from Babraham Park and ride on 27/07/2016, he had three other thefts from the same place Taken into Consideration (TIC), he was initially given a 12 week suspended sentence at Cambridge Magistrates court on 23/08/2016. Two days later he stole another bike from the same place (Babraham Park and ride)!On 19/09/2016 (Monday) he was arrested and dealt with again. He was charged with theft of pedal cycle (as well as Bilking) and because he clearly had not taken any notice of his suspended sentence he was Remanded in Custody (RIC). On 20/09/2016 he received a custodial sentence (yes a custodial) of 16 weeks (the initial 12 week suspended and an additional 4 weeks). PC Martyn Willis who was the lead officer for the case said: “What was even better than this the court result is that all of the victim’s property has been recovered ensuring they will be returned to their rightful owners. “This comes on the same week that Sgt Mark Rabel and Ms Rachel Carr have organised daily cycle crime prevention events at every bus stop on the guided bus-way in South Cambs. Well done team!