SouthCambsCops home security guide

Policing in South Cambridgeshire


Although crime in South Cambs is low, burglary isn’t rare, so thinking “it’s unlikely to happen to me” is the wrong approach. In fact most months it is usually in the top 2 most commonly occurring crimes in South Cambs. Have a look at the crime map to see crime in your area here:




There are a number of simple but effective ways you can reduce the chances of being burgled. Burglars go for easy targets, so make your house a bit more difficult for them.

Here are some tips and recommendations for securing your home:

Burglars don’t usually break in at the front of a house because they are more likely to be seen.

Ideally they want to get to the back of the house. Not being able to get into the back garden could easily be enough for a potential…

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