Training Blues – Diary of a Rookie Police Officer. Pt IV

In a new feature, two of our new recruits will be publishing a weekly blog about their experiences in police training school.  Follow their progress and find out what it’s like to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary in 2015…

This week was a mixture of lots of different training, which made the week even more interesting! 


Tuesday was our first big exam, which we had been preparing for over the weekend. This included questions about everything we have covered over the last three weeks. It was a nerve-wracking experience, but luckily all went well.  

On Wednesday Group 1 and 2 both did different training. I did searching property and premises, as well as how to package up evidence. This includes how to make sure that continuity is maintained for evidence at court. In the afternoon, we got to conduct a big premises search in the mock-up flats, including filling out the paper work, and packaging up all the ‘stolen items’!

Thursday was another interesting day – we did airwaves training. This consisted of learning how to use the radios effectively, and how to get the most out of them. I did use a radio whilst I was a special constable, but I was able to learn some other handy tips that I wasn’t aware of. We finished off with separating into pairs, and following instructions throughout the site, contacting the control room and completing exercises to get used to the radios.



This was a busy week! Lots to learn and put into practice. Monday was a heavy law day, first of all learning about criminal attempts of certain offences, whilst the rest of the afternoon was learning about fraud- very interesting!


Tuesday was a big day, the first exam! I was very nervous beforehand, but it went very well and I passed. The feeling of relief was amazing!


Wednesday was our groups turn to learn about how to use the airwave radio terminals, but because I had used it extensively before as a special, I used the time to complete online learning packages which we are required to complete and revise!


Thursday was our groups turn to do scenes of crime training. It was a very interesting day and I learned a lot about how best to preserve a crime scene and what scenes of crime officers will expect from us. In the afternoon we had a practical assessment where we had to search a flat for items used in a crime scenario.


Friday was all about stop and search, learning the powers which we use in order to stop people, and also importantly how best to search people and what we need to inform the stopped person when we perform a search. Then in the afternoon we practiced searching all our colleagues! Good way to end the week.

Training Blues – Diary of a Rookie Police Officer. Pt III

In a new feature, two of our new recruits will be publishing a weekly blog about their experiences in police training school.  Follow their progress and find out what it’s like to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary in 2015…

Hello and welcome to week three of our blog! This week was the start of us doing role plays, implementing what we had learnt into the classrooms and putting it into a practical situation.

training blues 3


Monday- Monday started with a presentation by a Custody Sergeant, explaining what his role in the organisation is making sure we arrest we make is Proportionate, Legal, Accountable and Necessary. The rest of the day was spent doing role plays! We each had 2 role plays to complete, couple of pointers where I went wrong but otherwise good!

Tuesday- Tuesday morning began with an introduction to writing police statement, making sure we write them in the correct format and remember they have to be as detailed as possible! The afternoon covered our powers to enter properties in certain circumstances.

Wednesday- Wednesday was a very intense learning day! Starting off with learning about weapons and possession of unlawful weapons, then looking at the offence of ‘going equipped’. Finished off with presenting about the powers which members of school staff have to deal with students.

Thursday- Another very intense day! The morning was completely taken up by learning about Robbery, with the afternoon taken up by learning about Burglary and aggravated burglary. Very long day and I felt absolutely drained after it.

Friday- Today was also about roleplaying. This time we would be building on our first arrest by coupling that with a power of searching a premises. For example searching a car where we believe a weapon is located. Also today I made the big mistake of messing up everyone’s tea and coffee orders! I won’t be doing that again…


Jess –

This week was a big week for role plays – arresting and powers of entry!

Monday was the first time we were able to out our learning into practice and have a go at some role plays. We were able to work in pairs, and conduct an arrest for either theft from a shop or criminal damage. I had a couple of bits of improve on, but all good learning points.

The next three days were very tough learning days. Full on power points and knowledge checks about statements, offensive weapons, robbery and burglary. We could practice our statement writing by writing up our role plays from Monday. Our class had a little trouble getting our head around robbery and burglary, but after lots of questions, and scenarios, we’d cracked it!

Friday was another day of role plays – building on what we had learnt on Monday, but adding in powers of entry and seizure. This was a little more complicated, but we did well. They were a little trickier as the role players were not being as compliant, but all good fun!

Now for a tough weekend of revision for our first exam on Tuesday…

Training Blues: Diary of a Rookie Police Officer. Pt II

In a new feature, two of our new recruits will be publishing a weekly blog about their experiences in police training school.  Follow their progress and find out what it’s like to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary in 2015…

Jess –

This week was our first full week of being police officers! My week kicked off with the fitness test. This consisted of a bleep test, as well as pushing and pulling a certain amount of kilograms. Once the testing was done, we were given some personal training tips and circuit to complete in our teams – which was all done to some seventies and eighties classics! We also had our gym induction, which meant that we are able to use all the gyms in the police stations. After a full morning of fitness, we then went back to our lessons.

Tuesday was a tough day after all our hard work on our fitness on Monday. We began with learning the definitions of theft, and putting this into practice with some scenarios. We also got to present our presentations that we had been preparing last week – these were all on cases that have effected how the police deal with certain cases, such as Baby P.

Wednesday brought some more law, learning about criminal damage, and again, putting it into practice with some scenarios. We also had a talk from the Professional Standards Department about how we should behave, and how also to protect ourselves on social media.

On Thursday we learnt how to conduct an arrest! This was interesting stuff, as we were practicing on one another, as well as learning our powers and what we can use as an alternative to arrest.

Friday was revision of what we had learnt that week, as well as doing some group work on arresting and some online learning. After the day’s work finished we ended the week with a group trip to the pub to unwind. Bring on Monday’s role plays!

training blues 2

Classmates relaxing at the end of the week


This second week is when the hard work and learning really starts, with lessons on the main offences we will be dealing with. Monday began with preparation for our presentations later in the week and doing online training! The afternoon was in the classroom learning about the police caution.

Tuesday began with us presenting to the class regarding a specific significant public enquiry we had been reading up on. For our group it was the Macpherson report, which relates to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. An important part of this is reading into what went wrong and the recommendations that came out of this enquiry which shook up modern policing.

Wednesday morning was taken up with being taught the law surrounding Criminal Damage, including Arson. The afternoon was spent in the conference room with a presentation from Police Mutual followed by the Professional Standards Department anti-corruption unit who talked in great detail about the important role they play within the police service.

Thursday was a full day of arrest training, outlining the powers we have to arrest but also understanding the implications of an arrest and ensuring every arrest we make is necessary, legal, proportionate and accountable. Very long day- my head hurts!

Friday introduced us to the 301 form, a form for which an officer would record a crime that has occurred. It is a relatively straightforward form to complete, however it is important that every ounce of detail is put into it correctly! The afternoon was finished off by another presentation to the class, this time regarding PACE Code C. (Serious bedtime reading!). After we had finished for the week several of us went to the local pub for a wind down. Stay tuned!

Training Blues – Diary of a Rookie Police Officer. Pt I

In a new feature, two of our new recruits will be publishing a weekly blog about their experiences in police training school.  Follow their progress and find out what it’s like to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary in 2015…

A big hello from probationer police constables Jess Smith and Doug McColm! We are two new officers who will be joining the South Cambridgeshire district by the end of this year. Jess has just finished university in Cambridge having studied Criminology and in that time, she was a Special Constable for two years in Cambridge City. Doug was a Special Sergeant at Huntingdon Station for six years and worked as a lorry driver in central Cambridge. We are both very excited to be joining Cambridgeshire Constabulary. We will be giving a blog update every week to inform you all of our progress and how we are finding out training and when we are on division. We are two of a group of 26 other constables currently training, and we will be giving you an insight into the police training process and what is required for new police officers to successfully pass out of training.

training blues


Tuesday – After months of interviews, assessments and tests we at last arrived at the training centre on Tuesday morning – in fact I was so keen I was there an hour early! Our first day was all about getting to know each other; there are 26 of us, and I am one of eight girls. We range in age and come from all different backgrounds. We also met our three trainers, who have a wealth of experience and I’m sure we’ll all get to know each other well over the next four months.

The big moment came when we collected our kit, which we had been fitted for back in August. Some of us had worn the uniform before as Specials or PCSOs, and for others, it was a completely new experience. Tonight I am going to tackle ironing my uniform and polishing my boots for our swearing in ceremony on Thursday!

Wednesday – Our first tasks working in our groups, preparing presentations to each other on a range of interesting subjects. In the afternoon, we also had an interesting chat from the Police Federation Representative about our careers and support.

Thursday – A big day when we were officially sworn in as police officers! We all were excited for our attestation ceremony. A magistrate and the Acting Chief Constable were there as we swore our oaths, as well as representatives from all of the different divisions we would be going to after our 16 weeks of training. It was quite nerve racking, but it was good fun and it went without a hitch! What a way to celebrate my 22nd birthday!

Friday – Lessons! The importance of our pocket note books, and summons and warrants. The end of a great first week, and I am looking forward to next week…


Tuesday- Today was the day! After a long and stringent recruitment process, 26 nervous new faces arrived at Cambridgeshire’s police training school bright and early! The first day consisted of getting to know our fellow colleagues and trainers, whilst completing general administration work throughout the day. We also received our shiny new kit- Time to get the boot polish and iron out!

Wednesday- Due to the large size of our intake, our group of 26 has been split into two groups, myself in group one and Jess in group 2. Throughout our training period we each may be doing completely different tasks compared to the other group. Today we were given three presentations to prepare for which we will eventually present to the group. Our group had our basic IT training in the morning to allow us to access the force computer systems.

Thursday- For my group it was the fitness test in the morning! We arrived at HQ gym bright and early to complete our mandatory fitness test, consisting of a bleep test shuttle run, push and pull machine exercise and a gym lesson afterwards (Yes, I passed!).

The afternoon was a proud moment when we all were attested as Police Constables, which involved taking the oath in front of a Magistrate and the Acting Chief Constable. What a day!

Friday- Friday was the first big classroom day, learning about our pocket notebooks and summons and warrants. Roll on next week!

Theft of plant equipment/specifically JCB Telehandlers




JCB Telehandler


Theft of plant equipment/specifically JCB Telehandlers

There has been a slight increase in thefts and attempted thefts of heavy plant over the past month.  Notably a Telehandler was stolen from a farm site in Gamlingay in the early hours of the morning 03/10/2015, and then used to ram a building and remove the ATM.  The Telehandler was left at the scene.

Also between 06:45 hrs 29/09/2015 – 08:45hrs 30/09/2015 there was an attempted theft of a JCB / forklift from a business in Arrington, the JCB was later found in an adjacent field.

On the evening of 28 September at a business premises in Landbeach  had  a
25, 000 tonne hydraulic breaker and whacker plates  stolen, plus generators and other building equipment.  There was also damage caused to the Fork Lift on site.

If any one has any information regarding the above crimes, please contact me on the contact details below.

Please  report any suspicious activity involving these types of vehicles and more importantly report crimes relating to these vehicles.   Call 999 for incidents/crimes in progress and 101 for non-emergency calls.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

PCSO 7239 Leanne Fisher
South Cambs Business Watch Officer.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Sawston Police Station, 4 Cambridge Road, Sawston, CB22 4DG
Mobile:- 07850 142430
Mobex:- 7112146
Email:- or