LSD Alert

Last Thursday evening, the 9th of July, officers were called to support ambulance staff at Byron’s Pool in Grantchester where 4 young males who had taken liquid LSD were found in varying states of distress and confusion. One was being physically restrained by a parent who had been called to the scene by worried friends. All four were in a very vulnerable state and they were taken to hospital for treatment. They have subsequently told us that they had bought the drug from a local dealer who had put the liquid LSD on  sweets for each of them to eat.

This alert is to highlight the risks of taking LSD, which is potentially more potent in liquid form. Without the intervention of friends and family, and then the work of the emergency services, this situation could easily have ended in tragedy. It was clear that the perception of risk and reality of all four males was severely distorted by the drug.

The supplier has not been identified and we ask anyone with information to contact us so we can prevent further incidents of this nature. Anyone with information should call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

Car Theft Hotspot @Whittlesford Train Station

We are advising owners of key-less entry vehicles, especially Ford cars parking at or near Whittlesford train station to take extra security with their vehicles as a matter of urgency.  Three vehicles of this type have been stolen in the past fortnight.

‘Car Hacking’ is a growing phenomenon and has been reported for some time in the national press (see links below).  Thieves use specialist but widely available equipment to exploit gaps in the electronic security and steal the car without ever having the original keys.

Chief Inspector James Sutherland said:   “This is something of a throw-back to the bad old days of cars being hotwired. We strongly urge key-less car owners to buy good quality steering wheel locks, especially if they are leaving their vehicles in station car parks.”

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Male convicted of attempted robbery on Orchard park

On the morning of November 27, 2014, a local resident encountered Krzysztof Wojajczyk, 56, in Kings Hedges Road close to the junction with Chariot Way, Orchard Park, Cambridge. The victim had been walking to a nearby bus stop whilst talking on their mobile phone when Wojajczyk attempted to punch the victim and take the mobile phone from his hand.

Thankfully the victim was able to avoid the assault and get away still in possession of his valuables and quickly dialled 999. Wojajczyk didn’t make it very far, police officers were quickly on the scene and arrested him just 0.1 miles from where the crime had happened.

Wojajczyk was convicted at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday (June 29) of attempted robbery and sentenced to 18 months in prison which will be suspended for 18 months, 200 hours unpaid work, six months electronically monitored curfew and ordered to pay £500 compensation to the victim.