Catalytic converter thefts from delivery vans

In the past 48 hrs there have been a total of six catalytic convertors stolen from delivery vans at a commercial business in Bar Hill, and also from a business in Waterbeach South Cambridgeshire.

The vehicles targeted are Mercedes Sprinter vans.

The sprinter van is a very popular fleet van, used by most delivery companies, van hire companies and supermarkets amongst others.

A catalytic converter controls and converts exhaust emissions from your vehicle into less toxic substances. They are being stolen and sold for the re-sale value of the four precious metals from which they are made.

Security advice

  • If you see anyone working under vehicles, and they are acting suspiciously, report it to the police
  • For business fleets, consider good quality, strong perimeter fencing and try defensive parking (If you have a fleet of vehicles, block those with high ground clearance using vehicles with low clearance to obstruct access underneath the vehicle). Install and monitor CCTV and / or compound alarm systems
  • Mark your catalytic converter with a marking and registration system (e.g. Alternatively contact your local police team by phoning 101 to find out when the next catalytic converter marking day is taking place in your area
  • Fix a catalytic converter security device (e.g. ‘Cat Clamp Maxx’ available from Or contact your local garage who may offer bespoke security fittings, such as clamps and cages for catalytic convertors.
  • Vehicles with a high ground clearance such as delivery vans are particularly vulnerable.
  • Contact Cambridgeshire Constabulary on 101 for site specific crime prevention advice
  • South Cambs Business Watch Officer, Leanne Fisher said: ” You may not know your catalytic convertor has been stolen because your vehicle’s engine will sound different. A catalytic convertor can be stolen in a matter of seconds and is worth a few hundred pounds in scrap value but the cost to your business can run into the thousands including repairs and disruption’’.
  • – also offer security devices for items such as Catalytic converters, they are a Secure by Design approved company.