Disqualified after traffic collision on A14

Just before 9am on 20 December 2014 a driver veered off the A14 at Swavesey crashing into a roadside sign.

Police officers arrived at the scene 6 minutes after being called to find a Vauxhall Astra van partially blocking the carriageway and the driver had left the area.

The driver, who once found appeared to be drunk was not difficult to identify. He was found about 500 metres from the crash wearing clothing marked with the same company name as marked on the side of the van he had crashed.

Nicholas Wade (32) from Peterborough was arrested for driving whilst unfit through drink but later failed to provide a specimen of breath for analysis at the police station.

Wade appeared at Cambridge Magistrates Court on 06/01/14 where he pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen of breath. His defence explained that he had been drinking the night before and did not consider the level of alcohol left in his system the following morning when he was driving to work. Wade has previous disqualifications for drink driving in 1996 and 2006.

He pleaded guilty and was banned from driving again for 3 years and ordered to pay £145. Wade was also given a community order with a 4 month curfew between 9pm to 5am except on Wednesdays where the curfew is between 10pm and 5am to allow him to attend alcohol addiction rehabilitation.