SouthCambsCops Target Prolific Burglars

The following criminals have been charged, convicted and/or sentenced for committing burglaries in South Cambridgeshire:

Dalby1. Oliver DALBY (pictured above)

A Cambridge City burglar who was convicted of 9 dwelling burglaries travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2014.  This included 3 house burglaries in Landbeach and further burglaries in Great Shelford, Milton, Girton, Cottenham, Impington and Willingham. DALBY was sentenced to 876 days in prison on the 5th December 2014 at Cambridge Crown Court.


A prolific Hertfordshire burglar who was travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2011 and 2012. He admitted to committing 199 offences across a number of counties, 7 of these were dwelling burglaries in the villages of Foxton, Shepreth, Whittlesford, and three offences in Great Shelford. DRUNGELAS’ sentencing has been deferred, following acceptance onto Hertfordshire’s Choices & Consequences (C2) rehabilitation programme. The programme compels him to give up his life of crime using a GPS tracker, a curfew, addiction intervention programmes and monthly reviews at Crown Court. DRUNGELAS faces a lengthy prison sentence if he should fail to complete the programme.


Gareth Farrington3.Gareth FARRINGTON (pictured above)

A Cambridge City burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and was convicted of 2 dwelling burglaries in the village of Impington during 2014. FARRINGTON was sentenced to three years in prison on the 19th November 2014 after he bungled his burglaries leading to his arrest which you can read about in more detail here:

4. Reginald HILL

A Surrey burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and has been charged with a burglary in Little Shelford in 2014 and is currently remanded in prison awaiting trial.

South Cambs Police are committed to convicting anyone committing crime in South Cambridgeshire and those who travel into South Cambs to commit crime.