SouthCambsCops Target Prolific Burglars

The following criminals have been charged, convicted and/or sentenced for committing burglaries in South Cambridgeshire:

Dalby1. Oliver DALBY (pictured above)

A Cambridge City burglar who was convicted of 9 dwelling burglaries travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2014.  This included 3 house burglaries in Landbeach and further burglaries in Great Shelford, Milton, Girton, Cottenham, Impington and Willingham. DALBY was sentenced to 876 days in prison on the 5th December 2014 at Cambridge Crown Court.


A prolific Hertfordshire burglar who was travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2011 and 2012. He admitted to committing 199 offences across a number of counties, 7 of these were dwelling burglaries in the villages of Foxton, Shepreth, Whittlesford, and three offences in Great Shelford. DRUNGELAS’ sentencing has been deferred, following acceptance onto Hertfordshire’s Choices & Consequences (C2) rehabilitation programme. The programme compels him to give up his life of crime using a GPS tracker, a curfew, addiction intervention programmes and monthly reviews at Crown Court. DRUNGELAS faces a lengthy prison sentence if he should fail to complete the programme.


Gareth Farrington3.Gareth FARRINGTON (pictured above)

A Cambridge City burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and was convicted of 2 dwelling burglaries in the village of Impington during 2014. FARRINGTON was sentenced to three years in prison on the 19th November 2014 after he bungled his burglaries leading to his arrest which you can read about in more detail here:

4. Reginald HILL

A Surrey burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and has been charged with a burglary in Little Shelford in 2014 and is currently remanded in prison awaiting trial.

South Cambs Police are committed to convicting anyone committing crime in South Cambridgeshire and those who travel into South Cambs to commit crime.



SouthCambsCops home security guide


Although crime in South Cambs is low, burglary isn’t rare, so thinking “it’s unlikely to happen to me” is the wrong approach. In fact most months it is usually in the top 2 most commonly occurring crimes in South Cambs. Have a look at the crime map to see crime in your area here:




There are a number of simple but effective ways you can reduce the chances of being burgled. Burglars go for easy targets, so make your house a bit more difficult for them.

Here are some tips and recommendations for securing your home:

Burglars don’t usually break in at the front of a house because they are more likely to be seen.

Ideally they want to get to the back of the house. Not being able to get into the back garden could easily be enough for a potential intruder to try another house.

Gate & Fence

• Fit high (6ft) 1.8m side gates with a latch. Having the latch at the top of the gate is a weakness-most burglars know to put their arm over the top to undo the latch so either fit a padlock to it or consider a second bolt further down as well.

• I’ve chased enough burglars over garden fences to know they are well practiced at hopping fences. So if you like gardening, perhaps consider a nice thorny holly bush or adding some trellis to the top of your fence (600mm).  Alternatively, you can also use ‘prickle strips’ to deter a fence hopping burglar. (From personal experience of chasing a burglar over a fence with prickle strips on, I can assure you they really do hurt).


• Secure your shed. It is really common for burglars to break into your shed and then use your own tools to force a door or window of your house. Padlock your shed, don’t leave it open!

• Consider installing a simple, inexpensive, battery operated shed alarm. You can also secure items inside using a ‘shed shackle’ or similar device, see for suppliers.

• Properly code items using a paint pen or etching and register items such as mowers and power tools with  where you can register anything with a serial number and police forces use the system to track stolen property.

Burglar image 1

Simple measures like these can help to deter an intruder before they approach your home.

• Security lights. Yes, these really do work. Read here: This pair burgled several houses in one night but turned tail and ran from a house fitted with a simple motion activated security light.

• Light timers are a good deterrent too. Most people don’t get home from work until well after 5pm, but in the winter it gets dark before 4pm. No lights on are an easy way for burglars to locate an unoccupied house.


• CCTV is not as costly as many people believe and can be an effective tool in preventing a break in and at catching those responsible. If CCTV is what you want, I recommend avoiding the dome type cameras, they’re harder to spot and you want a potential intruder to spot the camera and be frightened away. Go for one that stands out. I particularly like the combination of a security light with a camera near it. When the light activates, an intruders’ natural reaction is to look at it. If they see a camera next to it, they will know you just got a shot of their face….and won’t stick around after that.


Window alarms! – My personal favourite. Cheap as chips and super effective. These little devices attach to the inside of a window with adhesive tape and activate an alarm if the window is knocked near deafening the would-be thief. To prove their effectiveness, this guy was foiled by a window alarm: You can turn them on/off from the inside with the flick of a switch and often you can adjust the sensitivity. I’ve got these on my ground floor windows and one on my back door too. They’re my top recommendation.

House alarms are not as expensive as you may think. An off the shelf D.I.Y. system will cost between £150 and £200 (also consider fitting an auto-dialler @ £12 which will contact a list of numbers you have programmed in when the alarm is triggered). Monitored alarms for an average size property will typically be between £700 and £800. If you have high value items or you spend a lot of time away from home on holidays or business, it could be worth the investment. Always obtain at least two/ three quotes if you are purchasing a monitored alarm, or having a company install the system for you. Look for approved installers, see or go to S.S.I.A.B. approved installers to ensure the price and service are fair.


Burglar image 2

A few simple steps

• It is really common to find that a burglar has gained access to a house via a French door or patio door because they haven’t been adequately secured. Turning the key usually locks one door to the other. Make sure the second door is bolted too; small (mortice, or shoot-bolts) should go up and down into the door frame.  Also look for hinge bolts on French doors to help secure the hinges, and prevent jemmy attacks.  Patio doors should also be secured at the top and bottom of the opening section, check your patio door cannot be lifted out of the frame using a tool. Patio door locking bars are available, and window alarms can also be used on these doors too.

• Where do you keep your keys? An opened up wire coat hanger can be used to reach your keys and pull them out through the letterbox. Then the burglar can just let himself in or take your car off your drive. Don’t keep your keys anywhere near the doors or windows, they should be well out of view.  Ideally take them up to bed with you at night.

• Everyone keeps their most valuable possessions, jewellery, expensive watches etc. in their bedroom. That’s why most burglars head straight for the master bedroom and go through the wardrobe and drawers. This sort of thing should be hidden away, especially the sentimental things that cannot be replaced. The loft, cupboard under the stairs, kitchen cabinets, the teapot – be imaginative, where wouldn’t a burglar think to look?

• Sometimes when we arrest a burglar we find plenty of stolen goods. But often we can’t return it to the owner because we can’t tell who it belonged to.  For tools and equipment consider marking them clearly using a paint-pen or indelible marker, anything to mark them out as yours, there are also tamper-proof labels available, or etching kits.

• Register your valuables on: If you’ve got a nice pedal cycle, be sure to register it on the immobilise website and remember to include the frame number. Immobilise is especially useful for recording more unique items such as jewellery or antiques as you can take digital photos and add them to your online record.

• Encourage your friends to join eCops so they know what is going on in their area.

• If you’re interested in getting involved with Neighbourhood Watch, the first thing to do is check whether there’s a group in your area already. You can do this by checking the national Neighbourhood and home Watch website or contacting your area NHW representative by posting a request on the county website

Christmas crime prevention:

  • Tempting gift wrapped presents should not be left on show.
  • Presents should be removed overnight from vehicles. If possible keep them indoors an out of sight.
  • Communities can keep an eye out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours and encourage them follow security precautions.
  • Empty boxes which could advertise Christmas purchases inside the house, should not be left on view outside.
  • Once your gifts are unwrapped, they can be registered for free on the Immobilise database

For more information you might also find the following sites useful:


Operation Oaklands Phase Two – Tackling crime across South Cambs


This week South Cambridgeshire Safer Neighbourhood Team will begin a rolling campaign to reduce domestic burglary and shed burglary throughout the district.

Op Oaklands will concentrate on one village or town each week with uniform staff mobilised in the area. They will focus on crime prevention measures, and provide security advice to residents in order to combat burglary, vehicle crime and theft.
South Cambridgeshire is a large rural community, and crime analysis has shown the area does not follow an identifiable crime pattern, as you might see in an urban area. Therefore crime prevention and intelligence led patrols are key factors to reduce crime levels.
Regular information and updates will be posted via Ecops ( and Neighbourhood Watch messaging ( as well as on our twitter account
Officers will be offering residents Smartwater property coding kits for a reduced price of £10, plus shed and window alarms at cost price.
Please find below a guide with dates when we will be visiting various villages and towns over the coming months. If you need advice on home, shed or vehicle security and don’t live in the villages listed below, please call 101 and to speak to your local PCSO.

Date and Location
03/12/2014 – 07/12/2014 Elsworth
08/12/2014 – 14/12/2014 Bassingbourn
15/12/2014 – 21/12/2014 Histon & Impington
22/12/2014 – 04/01/2015 Coton
05/01/2015 – 11/01/2015 Melbourn
12/01/2015 – 18/01/2015 West Wratting & Weston Colville
19/01/2015 – 25/01/2015 Willingham & Over
26/01/2015 – 01/02/2015 Papworth Everard
02/02/2015 – 08/02/2015 Bourn
09/02/2015 – 15/02/2015 Duxford
16/02/2015 – 22/02/2015 Linton
23/02/2015 – 01/03/2015 Swavesey
02/03/2015 – 08/03/2015 Great & Little Shelford
09/03/2015 – 15/03/2015 Stapleford
16/03/2015 – 22/03/2015 Harston
23/03/2015 – 29/03/2015 Hauxton

N.B. This table will be updated each month, with new information. The deployment of officers may be changed in certain circumstances according to current policing needs.

12 months prison for repeat domestic violence offender

Stephen Morgan

Stephen Morgan, 50, of Impington was at Cambridge Crown Court last week after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm on his partner.

Morgan was arrested in July for injuring his partner in a violent attack at her home in Impington.

After spending considerable time examining Morgan’s previous conviction record, he was told by the judge: “Never have I seen such a catalogue of offending against one victim”.

Morgan was then sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and, in order to protect the victim, he was given a restraining order not to contact her and not to enter Impington for the next eight years.

This restraining order is in addition to the injunction that was obtained against him by police and South Cambs District Council earlier this year preventing him from entering Histon and Impington for one year:

Cambridgeshire Constabulary takes domestic abuse very seriously and we hope this result will encourage victims to come to us for help.