Gareth Farrington “the unlucky burglar” convicted

Gareth Farrington

Gareth Farrington, 27, of Hanson Court, Cambridge was convicted of burglary at Cambridge Crown Court and sentenced on 19th November for committing two burglaries in Impington in early September.

Farrington’s first offence in The Dole, Impington, saw him break into a garden shed and use the owner’s garden spade to try to force open the kitchen window. Fortunately, the owner had equipped their ground floor window with alarms which sounded and frightened him into running away empty-handed.

This is not the first time a burglar in South Cambs has been thwarted by a simple and cheap security measure. I recommend window alarms in particular.

The following day Farrington broke into a house in Hereward Close, also in Impington, and used a pair of his own socks as gloves as he gathered the house owner’s belongings. But he was again out of luck when the owner returned home and got a good look at his face as he tried hurriedly to make his escape out of an upstairs window. As he jumped from the upstairs window in a desperate attempt to get away, one of his gloves/socks got caught in the window frame and he was forced to leave it behind.

Farrington was arrested and denied committing the offences but the DNA he left at the scenes could not be argued with. Farrington, “the unlucky burglar”, was sentenced to three years in prison for the two burglaries and breach of his ASBO.