Register your local speeding concern.

Speeding is regularly raised as a concern at our local panel meetings and we have encouraged local residents to speak to their Parish Council if they feel there is a particular problem in their village, and to consider setting up a speedwatch made up of volunteers who are trained to carry out speed checks. A number of these schemes are now in existence and they are doing a great job reminding drivers of the need to keep to the speed limit. To support these schemes and address community concerns about speeding we have set up a system whereby anyone can ask for a police speed check by using the link below:

You will be asked to give the location, any particular times when vehicles are regularly speeding and what the speed limit of the road is. We cannot carry out checks on roads where the limit is over 50 miles an hour for officer safety reasons. Once the speed check is carried out we will feed back the results to the relevant Parish Council and if appropriate speedwatch to help identify whether further road safety options should be considered.