Operation Oaklands – Shed security video

As Operation Oaklands rolls into its final stage we’ve produced a video with some simple tips on how to keep your shed secure.

Link to video: http://youtu.be/9Kx-MDbAJn8

These are simple crime prevention measures that are very often over looked.

– Use a high quality padlock, and keep it locked!

– Install a simple shed alarm, we are selling units as we move round each village, and can also be bought from around £15 from a popular high street catalogue shop

– Install good quality hinges and internal bolts to add strength to your doors

– Keep tools locked away, they make excellent implements to help break into homes.

– Mark your property with either a permanent marker (this is a good deterrent), a UV pen, or for expensive items it’s worth considering buying smart water (a DNA coding system)

-Record serial and model numbers, we do recover large volumes of stolen items, but often have difficulty reuniting with owner.