Man jailed for Sawston attempted robbery

A MAN has been jailed for four years for his part in an attempted robbery at a filling station in Sawston.

Mark Donovan, 34, targeted the Worsted Lodge with an accomplice overnight on January 25, Cambridge Crown Court heard.

However, the whole incident was caught on CCTV which showed Donovan waiting in a gap in the ceiling above the kiosk to the filling station before dropping down with his accomplice.donovan

Both were brandishing wooden sticks and wearing balaclavas. Donovan attacked the sole worker, hitting him around the head and body while demanding money.

The victim courageously fought back and managed to disarm Donovan and remove his balaclava and the top half of his outer clothing.

Both left through the gap in the ceiling empty-handed.

Donovan was arrested and pleaded duress, stating he was made to do it through threats to him and his family. However, detailed phone enquiries conducted by PC John Keerie proved this to be false.

As a result, Donovan eventually pleaded guilty to his part in the attempted robbery and was jailed on Friday (November 1). The second man was never identified.

PC Keerie said: “This was a vicious attack on a man going about his employment and this is reflected in the sentence. It was only the courage and bravery of the victim that helped us identify Donovan as the main offender.”