Anti-social driving – please keep us updated.

Dear residents,

With the winter months approaching one of our latest priorities will be tackling anti-social driving across South Cambs. Over the summer this issue has subsided and we are keen to keep it that way. This time last year we had numerous calls from concerned residents reporting large numbers of vehicles using public roads for organised meetings of what can be described as car enthusiasts, modified car users or boy racers. They would congregate in several areas across South Cambs. Two of the worst affected areas were Papworth and Swavesey business parks. After help from members of the public, months of evidence gathering and hard work we managed to effectively crack down on this issue using a section 30 dispersal. We do not want a reoccurrence of this problem this year therefore  we need your help…

Please call 101 if you notice vehicles gathering in large numbers – they usually tend to congregate around industrial estate areas and car parks. In the past they have used Stirling Way, Papworth and Bucking Way Swavesey.

If you see groups of modified cars driving dangerously or hear the noises associated with these meets i.e. Screeching tyres, loud exhausts, revving engines. Please call it in on 999 or 101 depending on the nature of what you see.

It is essential that we get your calls at the time the incidents are happening this gives us the best opportunity to encounter and witness the manner of driving

We have also been in contact with the businesses on the industrial premises to encourage them to let us know if these vehicles have permission to congregate in their private car parks – this enables us to move the vehicles on even if the drives claim ‘we have permission’ we have already established the facts.

Thanks in advance for your help PCSO’s Kerrie Harding (Swavesey) and Tom Baugh (Papworth)