Op Armitage – Preventing stack and farm fires

Partnership working has led to a large reduction in stack fires in South Cambridgeshire.

In 2008/09, there were 15 incidents in the district, compared with just three minor incidents involving small quantities of straw lat year (2012/13)

Jim Meikle, Community Fire Safety Officer for Arson Reduction in South Cambridgeshire, aims to keep incidents to a minimum this harvest. However, residents need to stay alert. He said: “There are only limited resources to cover all of the rural areas during this time, therefore I would like to appeal to the farming community, neighbourhood watch groups and the rural community to be our eyes and ears during the harvest period.”

We would like to know as soon as possible where stacks are located so we can provide advice and suggestions on how to best protect them.

We would also like to know the locations where young people are meeting in the vicinity of stacks so that we can engage with them and ensure they understand the risks about starting a stack fire.

Finally, we would also like to know where suspicious vehicles and people are seen around the stack storage areas so risk can be mitigated before a fires occurs. If you believe a fire is about to be set, or see anything suspicious call 999.

Information can be forwarded either by dialing 101 and advising police operators of the situation who will circulate that information. Or you can e mail jim.meikle@cambsfire.gov.uk or leave a message for Jim Meikle by calling 01223 367201.

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