Linton – Panel Meeting

Below is the profile for the Linton and Fulbourn Neighbourhod area for the last 3 months prepared for the panel meeting to be held this evening.

Linton Panel Profile June 2013



Linton and Fulbourn area Panel meeting was held yesterday evening at The Swifts in Fulbourn. Details of police activity on the 3 priorities adopted at the previous meeting were provided, as well as a general update on crime and ASB figures across the villages for this panel area. The details can be found in the document above. Following discussion it was agreed that for the next 3 months we would focus on the priorities of ASB in green spaces and road safety looking at parking and speeding issues. We will be patrolling the areas where vandalism and other anti social behaviour has occurred in the past and any other areas highlighted to us. Spped checks will be carried out across the area and we will deal with any anti social or illegal parking brought ot our attention.