Rave prevention – We need your help!

May bank holiday is fast approaching and recent intelligence has led us to believe rave sites are potentially being identified in South Cambs.  The South Cambs region had three raves in four months at the end of last year and due to the recent good weather and our rural landscape South Cambs is an ideal candidate for another visit.

Police will be patrolling our rural countryside to proactively prevent such illegal events setting up over the holiday period and we are asking the community for their assistance too.

Please call the police if you see any rave associated, suspicious activity for example;

–       Gates & padlocks being removed or cropped.

–       Changes to farm buildings/fields access points.

–       Suspicious or out of place individuals near said gates, barns or fields.

–       Unusual or increased traffic in rural locations, particularly in hours of darkness.

–       Vehicles accumulating at service stations.

–       Social networking rumours.

The impact on the community and demands on Police resources are significant.  If Police and the Community work together to prevent a rave before they set up, this sends a clear message to the organisers that this illegal activity is unacceptable.

There have also been a high number of gas cylinder thefts over the past week from businesses such as hospital sites and farm buildings.The medical cylinders in particular can contain nitrous oxide and have previously been used to intoxicate individuals on the rave scene.

Please be extra vigilant at this time with your gas cylinders ensuring that they are securely stored and have identification markings where possible.

This is a timely reminder to all that you know your own communities and what is outside the norm. If you suspect that a rave may be setting up over the weekend – please call us immediately on 101 or 999 if you witness any offences being committed.

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