Sawston Panel Priorities April-July 2013

Three priorities were agreed at the April meeting. Views from those in attendance and those who had completed an online survey, including some pupils from Sawston Village College, helped to decide what the priorities should be. Details of crimes and ASB incidents from the previous 3 months were also available via the panel profile which was posted prior to the meeting.

1) Road safety: the representatives from all villages were concerned about speeding through villages, and this was repeated in the responses to the on-line survey. Roads highlighted for attention were:
New Road and Babraham Road,Sawston; Pampisford Road and High Street, Abington; High Street, Babraham; Brewery Road and London Road, Pampisford; Whittlesford road, Little Shelford; Tunwells Lane and Hinton Way, Great Shelford; London Road and Haverhill Road, Stapleford; Duxford road, Whittlesford and Ickleton Road, Duxford. We will be carrying out speed checks in these areas.

Parking issues were also raised. There was concern about parking in Church Lane, Sawston when the church has events on. It was agreed that we would monitor this and speak with the organisers to try and ensure people parked considerately and legally. Cllr Stone mentioned problems for the new bus service in Station Road East in Whittlesford. The bus has to turn in the road and sometimes illegally parked cars make this very difficult. We have already been and assessed the situation and spoken to a bus driver who explained the problems that occur. We will check this on a regular basis and record any action taken.

2) Anti Social Behaviour: A respondent to one of the surveys had mentioned problems outside the gates of Sawston Village College where some pupils were gathering and smoking and generally intimidating others. Several young people who completed the survey stated they sometimes felt intimidated by older youths gathering in groups in the villages and asked for police presence to help them feel safe. It was agreed therefore that, particularly with the lighter evenings, we would patrol areas where young people gather and offer reassurance to the young people and local residents.

3) Burglary: This is a continuation of a priority from the previous 3 months. Burglary is understandably a concern to all, and was mentioned by several respondents to the on-line survey. We are looking to set up more Neighbourhood Watch Schemes across the area and we are working to inform the public of current crimes via E-Cops and other means so that they can be alert to any suspicious incident.

Other issues raised.
Local residents in Station road, Whittlesford have raised concerns about lorries attending and leaving the Scrapyard there with large loads of scrap that may be insecure. PS Davidson stated she had already asked the roads policing unit to check any such vehicle seen in the area if they suspected the load was insecure. Cllr Shelton stated he would raise the issue with the head of Environmental Services.

The issue of scam phone calls and e-mails was raised and it was agreed that an article with advice would be prepared and sent to editors of local magazines so that it reached a wide audience.

Next Meeting:
The next Sawston panel meeting will be held on Monday the 1st of July at 7:30pm. This will be at Sawston Village College.

In the meantime if you wish to raise other issues call 101, tweet us @SouthCambsCops or e-mail