Update: antisocial driving in Papworth

anti driving 

Residents of Papworth will be aware that between January and April 1st 2013 a dispersal order was in place for the parish to control anti-social motorists. The order was put in place for three months having been authorised by Superintendent Paul Fullwood. Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team gathered statements from over 30 people who had complained about noise and disruption caused by large groups meeting in the village. Our work with local residents, businesses and councillors gave us a clear picture of the misery and annoyance caused by these gatherings.

The order was believed to be the first use of this kind in the UK, in trying to tackle the problem of so called “boy racers”. Orders of this kind can only be instigated after consultation with the district authority and authorisation from a senior Police Officer, and any order put in place must be reviewed every three months.

The order proved to be successful; in the three month period only one report was taken about vehicle nuisance. Whilst the order has been in place the Safer Neighbourhood Team has been contacted by a number of individuals who are involved in organising car enthusiast meetings to discuss the problems. It has provided an excellent opportunity to try and resolve some of the longer term issues.

In April 2013 the order was reviewed and the decision was taken not to renew it. Having consulted again with local councillors and residents we believe that it is now appropriate to instigate longer term plans to combat the problem. A dispersal order of this kind cannot be indefinite, so for the future the Safer Neighbourhood Team remain in contact with a number of local residents who provided information for the initial order. Should a problem occur again in the future the team will be able to swiftly re-evaluate the need for a new order. Residents who witness anti-social driving should report it immediately to allow officers to attend. In the longer term residents’ reports help build a more accurate picture, and justification for any new dispersal order should it be required.

Sawston Panel Priorities April-July 2013

Three priorities were agreed at the April meeting. Views from those in attendance and those who had completed an online survey, including some pupils from Sawston Village College, helped to decide what the priorities should be. Details of crimes and ASB incidents from the previous 3 months were also available via the panel profile which was posted prior to the meeting.

1) Road safety: the representatives from all villages were concerned about speeding through villages, and this was repeated in the responses to the on-line survey. Roads highlighted for attention were:
New Road and Babraham Road,Sawston; Pampisford Road and High Street, Abington; High Street, Babraham; Brewery Road and London Road, Pampisford; Whittlesford road, Little Shelford; Tunwells Lane and Hinton Way, Great Shelford; London Road and Haverhill Road, Stapleford; Duxford road, Whittlesford and Ickleton Road, Duxford. We will be carrying out speed checks in these areas.

Parking issues were also raised. There was concern about parking in Church Lane, Sawston when the church has events on. It was agreed that we would monitor this and speak with the organisers to try and ensure people parked considerately and legally. Cllr Stone mentioned problems for the new bus service in Station Road East in Whittlesford. The bus has to turn in the road and sometimes illegally parked cars make this very difficult. We have already been and assessed the situation and spoken to a bus driver who explained the problems that occur. We will check this on a regular basis and record any action taken.

2) Anti Social Behaviour: A respondent to one of the surveys had mentioned problems outside the gates of Sawston Village College where some pupils were gathering and smoking and generally intimidating others. Several young people who completed the survey stated they sometimes felt intimidated by older youths gathering in groups in the villages and asked for police presence to help them feel safe. It was agreed therefore that, particularly with the lighter evenings, we would patrol areas where young people gather and offer reassurance to the young people and local residents.

3) Burglary: This is a continuation of a priority from the previous 3 months. Burglary is understandably a concern to all, and was mentioned by several respondents to the on-line survey. We are looking to set up more Neighbourhood Watch Schemes across the area and we are working to inform the public of current crimes via E-Cops and other means so that they can be alert to any suspicious incident.

Other issues raised.
Local residents in Station road, Whittlesford have raised concerns about lorries attending and leaving the Scrapyard there with large loads of scrap that may be insecure. PS Davidson stated she had already asked the roads policing unit to check any such vehicle seen in the area if they suspected the load was insecure. Cllr Shelton stated he would raise the issue with the head of Environmental Services.

The issue of scam phone calls and e-mails was raised and it was agreed that an article with advice would be prepared and sent to editors of local magazines so that it reached a wide audience.

Next Meeting:
The next Sawston panel meeting will be held on Monday the 1st of July at 7:30pm. This will be at Sawston Village College.

In the meantime if you wish to raise other issues call 101, tweet us @SouthCambsCops or e-mail sawston.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk.

Gamlingay panel meeting Thurs 18th April 2013

The Gamlingay panel meeting will be held this Thursday at 7:30pm, Gamlingay Village College.

Come and talk to local officers and hear what we have been doing to make your neighbourhood safer. You will also have an oppertunity to tell us what issues you would like police to look at over the next three months.

If you can’t make the meeting email us cambourne.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk or tweet us before the meeting @SouthCambsCops

You can download a full report which includes Crime, ASB and priority updates here Profile Gamlingay April 2013 v1


Histon Ward spring newsletter 2013

 (Histon & Impington, Orchard Park, Cottenham, Oakington, Rampton, Milton, Waterbeach, Landbeach and Chittering)

Welcome to the Histon area update, following some face-to-face consultation with local residents we have changed our parish updates to fall in line with your local “neighbourhood”. These updates will focus on your entire neighbourhood, and will give you a bigger picture of crime and disorder in and around your village and more information as to how to protect yourself from being a victim of crime. I hope these updates will also open out some of the work being carried out on your doorstep

Over the last few months we’ve seen a shift from metal theft that is now subject to tighter regulation, as metal dealers must make electronic payments to customers. Unfortunately criminals will always find a way to make money, and have turned their attentions to fuel theft. In the last month there have been some significant thefts of motor fuel from commercial operations. I am sad to say that even multinational businesses are vulnerable , and over 30,000 litres of fuel was taken in one night from a petrol station locally. Residents with heating oil stored on their land need to think carefully about investing for the future in more secure tanks, automatic lighting and alarms. We are fortunate in many ways to live in a low crime area compared to rest of the UK. What that means however is that only limited officers are allocated by the home office to cover a vast area. Fuel theft can occur in any of our villages and towns pretty much any time, and the reality is that no number of patrolling PCSOs and Constables can totally prevent this kind of rural crime. If you’d like more advice about protecting your fuel tank you can get more info online by contacting our crime prevention officer on the numbers below.

There has been a noticeable rise in crime in Milton over the winter, a number of patterns in crimes have emerged including thefts of number plates, thefts from cars and fuel thefts. Those of you who read eCops will know that we have disrupted local drugs supply recently having executed a search warrant at a house in the village. Having had a small success this is not a battle that we have won, and I ask that residents don’t think twice about calling 999 if you see something suspicious. Milton’s industrial estates are also very vulnerable, and have fallen victim to recent break-ins. Criminals are within striking distance of the A14/ M11 and A10, so every second counts, your early call can make a big difference.

In the last few months we’ve arrested three people for cycle theft along the guided bus way, all were involved in separate incidents of theft and due to their ages have been subject to juvenile cautions and warnings. We have also arrested a man for graffiti damage along the bus network in Histon. Our patrols along the bus way over the winter have produced a wide variety of results, including the above, and we have been encouraged by messages of thanks from the public whilst we have travelled along the network to try and reassure commuters. The implementation of lighting and CCTV this year is a good step forward. I urge a word of caution however, having met several lone pedestrians on the network, lit up from several hundred meters away by ipods, mobile phone and even a tablet device. The network is safe place to commute along, but people must exercise sensible precautions, such as not displaying valuable items. We have also had a crack down on cycle lights on the bus way. It is a bridleway, and as such a highway so cyclist must have working lights.

In Cottenham we have been working closely with South Cambridgeshire District Council housing officers and local young person’s services to nip some problems with anti social behavior in the bud. I understand there has been concern about some damage in the Telegraph Street area. It remains important to tell us about any emerging problems as soon as you can, as early intervention is always more effective.

Parking in Cottenham and Histon remains a constant frustration for residents and police officers alike. A concentrated push on enforcement in December and January seems to have had little effect so far. In Cottenham a number of highways improvement recommendations have been passed to County Highways and the Parish.  Pinch points around local shop and fast food outlets are a real issue for many residents we talk to. Of the tickets we have issued, certainly in the last three months, the majority are local residents. Keeping these restricted parking areas safe is everyone’s responsibility, and I continue to encourage people to call 101 to report illegal parking. In the mean time, we have recently organised a working group in Cottenham comprising of representatives from the Parish Council, residents and business owners.

I have been in regular contact with Annington Housing and the Defense Infrastructure Organisation in regards to their properties around Waterbeach Barracks. The situation is now greatly improved with several security measures now in places such as alarms and security patrols. Two arrests have been made in relation to the theft of copper tanks, and work continues to try and convict these people.

Update on your local priorities: At this quarter’s panel meeting I presented updates on our last four priorities, set by the public from the meeting and online survey feedback. You can find the latest report here.

At this quarter’s meeting held at Histon Pavilion the public asked us to tackle the following issues:

  • Parking Cottenham High Street –Working group of residents, councilors’ and businesses.
  • Road Safety – A14 Junction, use of mobile phones, jumping red lights and cutting up cyclists.
  • Speeding – Landbeach High Street, Out side Waterbeach Primary School, Histon High Street and Histon Rd Cottenham

The next panel meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th July at Cottenham Village College 7:30pm onwards. If you can’t make it we will be sending links to an online survey where you can make your views known. Sign up to ecops (as below) to receive this link, of visit our website.


The South Cambs Police team are proud that we have number of ways for you to keep in touch with us.

–          You can talk to us in person at our panel meetings or by calling 101 and asking to talk to your local PCSO.

–          By emailing histon.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk.

–          You can follow us on twitter @southcambscops and @sgtrogerson

–          You can sign up to “ecops” and get regular email bulletins from your local team

–          We also conduct face to face consultation by door knocking in your village one a month.

–          We conduct quarterly online consultation, the links can be found on our web site, and we are very pleased to have worked with local village colleges to talk with young people about their views on local policing, crime and anti social behavior.

I hope you have found this article useful, if you do have thing you’d like to talk with us about please get in contact.

Sgt Paul Rogerson

Security advice for sheds and gardens

Many of us have taken steps to improve the security of our home but we often forget about our sheds and outbuildings. Not only are their contents of interest to the potential burglar, garden tools make excellent implements to assist the burglar in gaining entry to your or your neighbours’ property.

60% of all burglaries are from the rear of the house. When thinking about the security of your property, include the garden, sheds and outbuildings. There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a shed burglary.

Perimeter security – The first line of defence

A strong secure fence will make it more difficult for burglars to get into your back garden. This should be at least 1.8m and you should consider fitting trellis along the top. Trellis is an additional nuisance for an intruder and offers another deterrent. Similarly, climbing plants will also act as a deterrent. Don’t forget to check your local planning regulations before erecting a fence or wall.

A thick, impenetrable hedge around your garden is just as good as a fence for keeping out intruders. A back garden hedge should be around 1.8m tall and ideally should be dense and prickly – such as pyracantha, hawthorn or holly.

Varieties of roses planted in strategic positions against a fence or wall will look beautiful when in flower and the thorns will deter the potential burglar.

If you are laying a garden path, consider using gravel or something similar. Walking on gravel is noisy and you’ll easily be able to hear someone coming.

The garden gate should be of the same height as your fence or wall and be securely fixed and padlocked.

In the front garden, try to keep your fencing and hedges low and keep the front garden open, neat and tidy. The fear of being seen is an important factor when the burglar considers a potential target property.


Ten top tips on keeping your shed & property secure.

1) Ensure your shed is of sturdy construction and in a good state of repair. Most sheds are constructed with feather-edge or ship-lap timber fixed to a framework constructed of 40 x 40mm timber. Around the door frame – and in particular around the area to which the locks and hinges are fitted – increase the strength of the framework with 50 x 75mm timbers, depending on the existing structure.

2) Add metal grilles to windows, using non-returnable screws to secure the grilles in place, and consider adding net curtain to prevent an intruder viewing the contents of the shed. Strengthen the existing window frame as described above in order to fit the metal grille.

3) Secure the door with two substantial padlocks, hasps and staples at an equal spacing, fixed with coach bolts.  Use backing plates to re-enforce the wooden area around the locks.

4) Bolt, rather than screw hinges onto the door frame.

5) Consider installing an alarm system.  There are various types on the market, which would be suitable for a shed – a reputable alarm company would be happy to advise you.

6) Install outside security lighting.

7) Property mark garden equipment such as lawn mowers and power tools.  This makes stolen property easier to trace and it can be positively identified as yours.You can also register it online immobilise.com

8) Personalising tools and equipment with paint will make them less appealing to thieves.

9) Ensure that all tools and garden equipment are locked out of sight, and preferably chained to a surface/secured in a storage unit, within the shed.

10) Check that your household insurance policy covers theft from gardens and outbuildings.

You can contact you local team if you have any further questions via twitter @SouthCambsCops or via email SouthCambsCops@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Bassingbourn and Melbourn Panel meeting April 2013

The next Bassingbourn and Melbourn Panel meeting is to be held at Melbourn Village College starting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th April.

If you can not attend please feel free to email any concerns to cambourne.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk or tweet us @southcambscops before the meeting. We will take all comments and concerns to the meeting to add to the discussion.

The quarterly Crime, ASB and Priority report can be downloaded here: Profile Bassingbourn & Melbourn April 2013 v1Melbourn

Histon panel priorities April-July 2013

Three priorities were adopted at the April meeting. Attendees views, online survey data and opinions collected from face to face surgeries were used to decide what local police should focus on. ( A report on the last three month period, crime and ASB update can be found here)

1) Parking Cottenham High Street – A group of about 20 residents met with Sgt Paul Rogerson before the main panel meeting. A number of views and concerns were raised by residents. James Rowley from the Parish Council also attended and noted comments from residents. A working group is to be formed between residents, Parish Council and local businesses will be invited to attend. During the main meeting discussion continued about the issues caused by illegal parking. Residents drive ways are being used by Co-op and bakery customers, parked cars are also blocking safe access in and out of drive ways. General unlawful parking on yellow lines continues to be dangerous and makes the sharp corner difficult to navigate. An email and postal update will be sent to residents in the near future in regards to the working groups first meeting. (The panel were advised that marked police vehicles have been seen to park on yellow lines in this location. Specific occasions have been identified as Police officers responding to violent shoplifters. Residents are encouraged to ask questions about this, either on-line or by phone).

2) Road safety – Concerns were raised on-line about the A14 junction with Bridge Road, Histon roundabout. Motorists jumping red lights, using mobile phones and cutting up cyclists will be addressed. Parking in Herewood Close was raised by Histon and Impington Parish council, Sgt Rogerson is to meet with the residents group to talk about what more can be done.

3) Speeding – A new site was identified at the meeting via an online report, speeding out side Waterbeach Primary School was adopted as an enforcement site. Landbeach also complained about speeding through the village, but expressed that this is likely to improve in the short term as construction of the new cycle path starts. Work on Histon Road Cottenham will continue, but will be supplemented by speed enforcement on the High Street which was raised by attending residents.

Other matters raised.

– Damage to the cross keepers hut in Histon continues, this is linked to the graffiti series.

– Cllr Gymer asked if Police were planning to deal with year 11 leavers parties as they did last year. Insp Savage confirmed that this would be continued, year 11 leavers dates had been requested from all the schools.

– Attendees asked for police to consider increased patrols in green spaces, recreation grounds and parks as the weather improves. Histon and Impington Parish informed the panel that areas prone to graffiti were also showing signs of underage drinking and smoking,

– Oakington Parish Council thanked officers for their presence on the guided bus, this has gone down very well with residents and asked if it could continue.

– Cottenham residents expressed concern for a new group of young males who were causing a nuisance going door to door, running into roads and in one case bullying other young persons. Sgt Rogerson was able to update that he believed this group had been caught involved in anti-social behaviour and had also been reported to the educational welfare officer for truancy. PCSO Fuller is also working with families on Smithy Fen to help prevent further problems.

Next meeting:

The next Histon Panel meeting will be held on Tues July 9th 2013 at Cottenham Village college, 7:30 start. An online survey link will be posted here two weeks before the meeting.

In the mean time if you wish to raise other issues call 101 tweet us @southcambscops or email histon.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Welcome from SouthCambsCops!

Hello and welcome to the South Cambs local police website.

On this site we will be posting a range of material ranging from blogs, reports and articles about policing in South Cambridgeshire. All these updates come direct from your local team, and offer you the opportunity to have your say on local policing.

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Photo 30-05-2012 12 03 18

We’d love to see you at your local meeting, dates of which will be posted here along with a detailed three monthly report. Documents for all meetings will be posted here for you to review. If you can not make it to your local meeting we also conduct online surveys, links to which will also be posted here before each meeting.

We hope you find this website useful, if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Histon Panel Meeting Tues 9th April

Histon panel meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th April 2013 at Histon Pavilion off New Rd, Impington. We start at 7:30pm, local officers will be onsite from 7:00pm onwards if you wish to talk.

Please see the below link for the panel document which includes an update on previous actives and a three month crime and anti-social behaviour report.

Follow @sgtrogerson or @SouthCambsCops for updates live from the meeting.

Histon panel update April 2013